Course Overview

Master an Art of Selling Skills

Selling is all about gathering insights necessary to make a good judgment. Should you sell to a given prospect? What is the best course of action to close a deal? Is this prospect a good fit for your offer? Is it a viable sales opportunity? Only after you’ve qualified someone can you really know whether it’s worth to invest your time and effort into trying to sell to this prospect.

What You’ll Learn

Needs, wants, and interests. Emotional and rational buyers. Decision makers, Current supplier situation, Their financial situation, Decision time-frame, and Price as a buying criterion. Appropriate Timing. Customer segmentation and body language, Asking relevant questions.

Why you want to learn it

Save your own and prospects’ time.Focus on quality leads, which increases the chances of closing the deal.Customize the pitch to address the actual pain points.Develop customer loyalty – sell to the right business and win it for life.

How it will help you

By the end of this lead qualifying workshop – You will be able to confidently qualify every sales lead effectively, and filter out the weak time wasters that make forecasting your sales results a complete nightmare.

Who is this for

  • Self employed professionals
  • Service providers
  • Consultants,Sales Managers
  • Freelancers,Coaches and trainers


  • Excel in Business communication
  • Listening Skills / Body language
  • Know about the product and services
  • Well versed with Probing Skills

What not Covered

  • Negotiation
  • Key Account Management
  • Objection handling
  • Sales Pitch Presentation